Персей II

It was confirmed by Task Force Perseus that the “Medusa” virus had indeed been developed by UWO research scientists, with fears of it being used against the United States. The rogue scientists were found to have ties with the Canadian Brotherhood and the Northern Freedom Alliance.

During an assault on an undisclosed facility, evidence was found suggesting the virus had been replicated and was in it’s final stages before being stabilized for a weapons delivery system.

Intel gathered by the Task Force points toward Nikolai Nikoladze, a Russian weapons builder. It is unknown if he is building the weapon under his own free will.

Детали Операции


  1. Задержать Николая
  2. Заполучить и предоставить чертежи оружия технической команде
  3. Обнаружить и изолировать био-оружие
  4. Уничтожить остатки био-оружия
  5. Захватить в плен или уничтожить сопротивление