Event Timing: July 28th 2024. 10am – 6pm
Event Address: Clarington Woods Airsoft
4680 Darlington-Clarke Townline Rd,
Bowmanville, ON L1C 3K6


The world has been ruined by the outcome of the pandemic. Nuclear warfare, climate crisis, corporate greed and other sins of men have completely destroyed civilization. Food is scarce, and water is even scarcer.

You are a band of like-minded individuals who have been surviving for the past 5 years while roaming the lands. Some of you were military-men, while some of you just learned to survive and handle a gun.

Recently you came upon rumors that an old scientific expedition came upon something interesting in the nearby region. You are now on your quest to find the spoils of this expedition.

Talk to the villagers, scour the lands, kill and trade. Eventually you will find your prize.

Pandemic 2024


This game is designed for adults of 18+ due to the usage of Airsoft guns. It is fine to bring teenagers (13+) if they are constantly being watched by parents or legal guardians. Certain moments in the game may seem violent, demonstrating bad sides of human nature and be incompatible with liberal-democratic values. Anyone who may be easily offended or disturbed should not register and refrain from attending this event.

Alcohol and drugs are prohibited, caught players will be escorted from the field and banned from any further events hosted by KGB. There are no refunds unless given at least 48h or the game is canceled.

Upon arrival, you understand and accept any and all liabilities and risks of loss, injury and damages to yourself and/or your property. We (the property owners, and game planners) accept no personal responsibility or liability for any Injuries, damages, or losses that may occur while you are on the property. Please take note, this is a forest and there may be irritating plant and animal/insect life on the field.

Clarington Woods Airsoft

4680 Darlington-Clarke Townline Rd,

Bowmanville, ON L1C 3K6

Road Access

Review the map, Darlington Clark Townline is unpaved and bumpy.
Please, drive accordingly


Permitted but restricted to the parking lot!


CWA Shop

Shop will be open during event, including rentals

Must fill out the form below!


Early bird: $50 per person

Day of the game: $65 at the gate

08:00 – Registration/Chrono

09:30 – Safety Briefing

10:00 – Game Starts

18:00 – Game End

This event follows venue’s rules and regulation with minor adjustments. Please read the complete rule set on

  • Only Biodegradable BBs are allowed.
  • Full seal ballistic eye wear only
  • Hit/Kill rag indicator – any visible indicator
  • Dead men don’t talk.
  • Safe Zone  – Mags out, guns safe, no dry-firing
  • NPC Zone  – are “no combat” zones – if someone camps these areas, they will be punished. You are still required to wear ballistic eyewear protection in the NPC zones.
  • NPC’s are invincible
  • AEG 400 FPS MAX
  • Only LMG allowed full auto read below
  • You must stay with your team, no solo’s
  • Found in raid loot can be searched by other players
  • Wounded or killed players must give away their loot when asked for


Yes. There are factions in the game that are newbie friendly.

Yes, you do need the airsoft gun if you want to participate in combat. However, you may still get away without weapon if you play as NPC and focus more on role play rather than on combat.

The game is meant for adult participants that are accountable for their own actions. Teenagers also can take part if they are being constantly watched by their parent or legal guardian. Be advised that game host or venue does not carry responsibility for the person you are accountable for.
We try to make this game to be as much real as possible. Not all teens are ready for this and, in some cases, even adults.

Make sure you read through the packing list to ensure you pack essential items for the game.

Also, pay attention to the details during registration, as additional requirements may be listed there.