• You must form a squad of mercenaries (3-6 people). Squads with more than 6 people will have to split. Squads with less than 3 people will have to join others. You must move with your squad.
  • You will need to work with our agents on-site – they will provide rewarding  tasks and objectives. Completion of tasks and objectives will result in currency, which will be required for self sustain, it could also be used to gain information and access.
  • Talk to the villagers, scour the lands, kill and trade.
  • Find the resources, your survival depends on.


  • Tarkov, stalker, fallout Inspired, survival extraction with RPG elements
  • Role play encouraged
  • Small unit tactics
  • No Camouflage restriction
  • Safe zone and Re-spawns will happen on the field


3-6 players per unit ( Solo players and teams with less than 3 players will be combined together. Groups with more than 6 players will be broken up into smaller teams. )



AEG FPS 1.5 joules (400 FPS with a .20g BB).

Bolt action and DMR FPS 1.88 joules (~366fps w/0.30g).

  • Minimum engagement distance is 100ft for Bolt or DMR rifles at this limit.

All gas/CO2/HPA powered guns will be chronographed with player chosen BB weight.

Fire Engagement

Full Auto allowed ONLY IF ITS AN LMG.

  • Belt fed LMGs and RPK, NO M4 or AK’s with drums are allowed.
  • LMG only allowed to fire outside of buildings
  • Only Full auto in 2 Sec burst intervals ( Overheat mechanic )
  • Minimum 20 Feet engagement distance!

Blind fire is prohibited

Grenades – 10 foot kill radius unless behind hardcover

NOTE – NPC’s are allowed to operate any gun in full-auto as well as melee weapons.


A player must call a hit when BB makes an impact on part of his/her body. (Calling hit means be honest and act as wounded or killed when struck by BB)

First HIT – the player is WOUNDED, the player must indicate self as such by RED kill rag. The player may receive medical help while being wounded. Wounded can ONLY call for help. Dead men don’t talk. A wounded player can be searched during this time. Wounded player bleeds out and is considered DEAD if he/she does not receive medical help for over 5 min. Said (DEAD) player returns to re-spawn point and waits for the entire team before they can re-spawn again.

While bleeding out, if no opposite player asked for loot, bled out player takes loot with them to re-spawn

When in doubt – CALL IT OUT if it’s a ricochet or anything that might resemble a hit, call it out. It is possible a ghillie sniper got you or you were hit by a fly-by stray BB.

Field Medic Rule – When receiving medical attention during the bleed-out timer the player has to drink a full 500ml NPC-provided bottle of water. The member of the team that is administering first aid, has to sit within the arm’s reach of the wounded player. Teams get only X bottles of water. Bottle refills can be purchased in the NPC town. New bottles will cost more, and can be acquired as quest rewards. If the player does not get treated, then that player is considered dead and has to return to their NPC re-spawn zone. They then have to wait for the other teammates to come back and re-spawn the player. You do not need to drink water to re-spawn at the NPC.

Auto-Heal Items – There will be rare, expensive items that will allow one player to get back up after being hit. Look out for them, you might be able to purchase one yourself. A person administering the Auto-Heal to oneself must put on an armband that was provided with the item. If you ever see someone get back up by themselves without an armband, please report them to game control.

GUN HIT – when your gun is hit, it is out of play for 30 seconds and requires a full magazine reload.


In the event of an injury or emergency a “No Duff” call will be made. If you hear a “No Duff” inform those around you, repeat calling it out while making sure your weapons are safe. All play will cease immediately until the field marshal restarts the game. Limited first aid will be available on sight, but for larger or more serious injuries please seek professional medical help. Remember, “No Duff” means that you require assistance; if you can exit the field on your own, do so without calling a “No Duff”.


All guns will remain in bags, boxes, or cases until you are in the staging area.

There will be a marked “safe” staging area. There is absolutely no firing (live, dry or otherwise) permitted in this area. When returning to the staging area from the field all players will remove their magazines, point their barrel down in a safe direction and fire it, approximately three to five (3-5) times to clear any BBs from the chamber. The guns will then be switched to safe and remain that way until you return to the play area or test fire at the range.

When handling airsoft guns in the safe area ALL players are expected to point their barrel in a safe direction (pointed up or down) and handle all airsoft guns in a safe manner. Do not sweep your weapon across anyone’s path or have your barrel pointed at someone’s face. All airsoft guns should be treated as real firearms while in the safe zone. Be nice if someone gently reminds you. Disregarding this rule may result in you being asked to leave the field. Barrel bags are a requirement in the safe area. All pistols not holstered must have the magazine removed in the safe area. AGAIN it is expected that all airsoft guns will be treated as real firearms in the safe area. All Players should check the large maps on display to make themselves aware of field boundaries.

No Combat Zone / NPC Zone

Players can carry guns but any shooting is prohibited, unless advised by an NPC. Eye protection MUST be on all the time in the zone. Shooting into and Camping around No Combat Zone is prohibited and will be punished.

Zone will be marked by cushion tape and on the map.


Uniforms/Camouflage Rules

There is no uniform camo/color restriction except the following colors

  1. RED

Recommended Equipment

  • Primary and secondary is optional
  • Gear (headgear,battle belt,vest,rig etc..)
  • Red kill rag
  • Tourniquet
  • Radio
  • Small Loot bag (dump pouch)
  • Enough food and water for 10 Hours

There is no dedicated CP/re-spawn, prepare to carry your gear on you.